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Delving deep into fantasy hockey strategy, the Apples & Ginos Fantasy Hockey Podcast will challenge the way you think about the game and help you build your own process as a fantasy manager. Whether your interest is in learning how to apply the Apples & Ginos #ZeroG draft strategy or exploiting your league’s scoring settings, this is the place to gain an edge on your leaguemates you can’t find anywhere else.

Ep. 83 – Midweek Moves – Is Hedman Dead, Man? Apples & Ginos Fantasy Hockey Podcast

Binksy and Hutch discuss this week's must make moves, provide a #ZeroG update and take some mailbag questions. Apples & Ginos Website: Apples & Ginos Discord server: Apples & Ginos Patreon: Apples & Ginos on Twitter: Josh Hutchinson on Twitter: John Binkle on Twitter: Blake Creamer on Twitter: Boring and Alone by there there:
  1. Ep. 83 – Midweek Moves – Is Hedman Dead, Man?
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